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Driver License Identity Theft

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Jorge is an immigrant from El Salvador who currently resides in San Jose, California.  He has a family that he provides for and he works many jobs to pay all the bills

Jorge runs into a lot of problems being in the U.S., he doesn’t have a social security number or birth certificates, so he is unable to obtain anything legally.  The only solution for him is to get a counterfeit birth certificate and social security card. 

Now it seems like all of his problems are starting to cease.  He is able to obtain a drivers license and work full time for a restaurant.

Only problem is, Jorge likes to drink a lot of alcohol on the weekends with his buddies and drive under the influence. 

On one fateful night, he got behind the wheel of his car and started to drive home.  While he was driving, he was so far gone that he didn’t recognize a traffic light and hit a family of four and kept driving….

However, a month later, Paul Sullivan was in Chicago, IL preparing to leave for basic training.  He loses track of time and has only 10 minutes to get to his destination.  While driving Paul goes over the speed limit and see’s the blue light special.  He does the proper procedures and hands over his driver license and registration.

While sitting in his car, he realizes that it’s taking a very long time for the officer to return.  All of sudden he sees another cop car pull up and they approach his vehicle.  The officer asks him did he know he had a warrant out for his arrest for a hit and run of a family of four in San Jose. 

Paul couldn’t believe what the officers said and denied the accusations.  However, Paul was taking into custody and his parents made a phone call to their attorney.

DMV records showed that Paul Sullivan had 3 DUI’s and a warrant for his arrest in San Jose, CA for the deaths of a family…

This type of crime is called driver license fraud or identity theft.  With the internet being so advance and forever changing with our information is out there ready to be snatched up. 


 To learn how you can protect yourself from Driver License Fraud or any type of identity theft contact Kenney Conwell at 704-492-5331 or 

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